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YACAD Creative Arts Summer Camp


 A Creative Arts   Camp for ages 5-16 


Participants create a personalised summer programme designed to suit their interests. We offer exceptional tuition in performing Arts, dance, music, creative cooking, art, circus, film-making, outdoor adventure, creative science, textiles, sports and much more.

We actively encourage participants to develop life skills and focus on forming friendships, inspiring creativity and having fun.

All participants attending our creative arts camp must hold a valid membership with us which can be purchased by clicking here 

Thank you for showing your interest in our Creative Arts Summer Camp, We're here to give your child the best summer experience of their life with lots of challenging fun activities to do.  We are Bradfords leading creative arts summer camp based in Eccleshill, Bradford.

Image by John Schnobrich

Electives provide participants with the opportunity to plan their own personalised activity schedule and are all professionally-led.

Image by Pickawood

Create and book your personalised creative arts camp here. 


Top 10 reasons to choose our creative arts camp. Our creative arts camp is a unique experience. Find out the key reasons why you should choose us!

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