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Annual Membership:

All session are a minimum booking of one term. Sessions work out at £5.00 per session. All participants attending sessions must hold a valid membership. 

Yorkshire Academy of Creative Arts and Dance has an annual membership fee; the annual membership fee with YACAD is £10.00 per registration. Annual memberships run from April-March. YACAD values are about supporting all who participate with us. We offer discount for those individuals from underprivileged backgrounds depending on their circumstances.

Academy Attire

Monthly Subscriptions: 

Refreshments provided!

Refreshments provided!

At YACAD we pride ourselves in self-discipline and professionalism, which is reflected in our appearance as artists no matter what age we are. We politely ask that all participants attending sessions are to wear the YACAD t-shirt and plain black shorts, Joggers or leggings. Find out more information on our Academy attire policy.


Free Provision: 

The following programmes are offered as free provision. All participants attending these provisions must hold a valid membership. 

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