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Intergenerational Project

The Yorkshire Academy of Creative Arts & Dance strive for success by bringing communities together through the arts. Participants attending the project used core life and social skills including interpersonal skills and team building/development skills to explore themes and ideas which will allow participants to learn from each other. This exploration worked towards choreographic platforms and community events. 

Positive change-what does success look like?

The intergenerational project promoted many factors of a healthy lifestyle looking specifically at raising self-esteem, confidence and self-discipline through performance opportunities and a weekly creative arts and dance sessions. Those engaged in dance on a weekly basis improved fitness, exercise and co-ordination which all had a positive life enriching impact on all participating within the project. Those engaged with creative arts improved creativity, self-esteem and strategic ways of thinking, which overall gave participants transferable skills that can be used throughout their lifestyle.

The outcomes and positive changes were measured and recorded by:

  • Participants self-score on outcomes star

  • Observation of sessions by dance director and professional artist.

  • Personal testimonies by participants.


Success for the project was measured by:

  • Consistent attendance by all participants throughout the duration of the project.

  • Cohesive and sustained involvement by all participants throughout the project.

  • A successful performance and exhibition at the end of the project

Our Legecy-long term impact

A positive ripple effect to friends, family and the community, through young people being more confident, with their improved communication skills and social interaction, with all age groups and diverse cultures. Developed social, emotional and physical capital for all participants, especially the young people involved, leading to a huge impact for their future community cohesion, as well as gained skills for life and work.

Children @ War

In January 2017-April 2017 the Academy launched its very first intergenerational project that welcomed participants from as young as 5 all the way to 62 from across the Bradford East region that has had little or none dance experience. We hope that creating projects like this in the heart of the communities brings people together through movement and dance. 


Particpants worked along side choreographer

Matthew-Jay Pratt and rehearsal director Victoria Hart in the devising of 'Children @ War'. 


‘Children @ war’ is based on the memories and

stories of those who were evacuated during the

war. This was our first piece of repertoire that

has been devised specifically to meet the needs

of such a vast age group.

Ignite Project

An art based health and well-being project that worked with vulnerable young people aged 14+ on developing resilience and coping strategies related to mental health issues. 

The Project

  • Kept young people engaged in a supportive environment.

  • Gave young people a new opportunity and keep them positively engaged in community cohesion.

  • Improved young people’s mental health via engaging with the arts

  • Advised young people on life aspirations and positive futures.

  • Helped young people seek opportunities within the arts to further themselves and their education.

  • Allowed young people to discover new perspectives and ways to express their feelings and emotions in an artistic way.


CreativeDevisingActingFilmMaking. PerformanceArtMindfulThinkingGroupDiscussionsReflection

During the project each week young people worked directly with professional artists to explore various art forms in which they can express themselves and worked towards presenting this at community sharing.


This project was fully funded by Bradford Youth Service

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