Yorkshire Academy of Creative Arts and Dance require all participants to register, The registration fee is a £10.00 one off fee. Once registered with YACAD you will be entitled to a free session of your choice, and a free Yorkshire Academy of Creative Arts and Dance (YACAD) T-shirt.

YACAD Attire Policy



At YACAD we pride ourselves in self-discipline and professionalism, which is reflected in our appearance as artists. We politely ask that all participants adhere to the YACADs class attire. 

 A Safe 




Code Of Conduct

At YACAD we believe every participant should be treated fairly, therefore we ask all members to follow our code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

Behaviour Policy

At YACAD we ask that all participants follow the behaviour policy, the behaviour policy outlines expected behaviour and how it will be dealt with. Please see the link below.

YACAD Methodology 

At YACAD we have high expectations, in order for us to deliver hight quality creative arts and dance training we ask all artist to incorporate our mythology into their teachings. Below you can find a link to the company Methodology. 

Safe Guarding & Equal Opportunities Policy

Safe Guarding Policy 

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Safe Guarding policy & Equal Opportunities policy  was created to protect children and vulnerable adults. To see YACADs Policy please select the link provided above.