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Fundraising Committee 

The fundraising committee are made up of local residents, the group is involved in the production process, public events/performance, studio support and decision making running up to all community events. The committee also play a vital role in the gathering of resources and materials. This is one of the main aims of the committee. YACAD encourages and supports all those who want to get involved to volunteer; this often includes parents, family and friends of those who participate in the programme; however, it does not exclude none existing associated YACAD members.

If you are a passionate individual who has key interests in raising funds for children and young people then we need you!!


To get involved all you have to do is speak to a member of the YACAD team, we will be there to support you, your ideas and your creativity every step of the way. Alongside this you will you be raising funds and developing the YACAD profile within the surrounding communites. YACAD thrives of local individuals getting involved, our family is your family, your future in fundraising starts with us!

Get Involved

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