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Top 10 reasons to choose our Creative Arts Camp

#1. Our values

At The Yorkshire Academy of Creative Arts & Dance, every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to our company ethos. At YACAD we have five values, these are Community, Resilience, Creativity, Individuality and Respect. Our values are intended to support the personal, social, moral, cultural and spiritual development of every member registered with us. 

#2. Our activities

Participants get to create their own personalised schedule by picking two electives per week to specialise in as well as a whole camp activity and a weekly offsite trip. Our professionally-led electives include: Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Creative Cooking, Art & Crafts, Circus, Film-Making, Outdoor Adventure, Creative Science, Textiles, Sports, Culture & Diversity, Creative Superstar, Applied Art, Outdoor Creation, Circus, and Product Design. 

#3. Our approach

We believe all children thrive when they are understood and accepted for who they are. We aim to provide a child-centered approach ensuring each child has the opportunity to follow their own interest and develop their own personality. We aim to make all children and young people feel special and encourage them to be unique and individual in their own ways. We foster and nurture a child's potential whilst expanding their imagination, encourage new friendships, and inspire their minds. 

#4. Developing Friendship

Creating and developing friendships are a critical part of YACADS creative arts camp. We believe that creating connections with different people is vital for developing, confidence, mental health and wellbeing. People feel happiest when they are connected to others and we work hard to ensure everyone is included and feel part of our community.

#5. Our envirnoment 

Our Environment provides children and young people with a safe, active and creative space where they can freely express themselves and share their creativity with others. Our staff aim to create an inviting and friendly experience for each individual with a high ambition to nurture developing minds. 

Children and young people can enjoy their selected programmes in our spacious studio, which offers a theatre-esque atmosphere or our warm and homely Art Studio where we provide a well organised environment for children and young people to find and access the materials and tools required for their projects. YACAD is working together with St. Lukes Primary school to expand the facilitation of our programmes so that we are able to reach out to a wider community base. This means we are able to provide an outdoor area where children can enjoy the freedom of a safe, secure, clean and spacious environment.

#6. Developing Skills

We aim to develop a variety of skills in children and young people in a range of different ways. While enriching children and young people with various creative art opportunities, we also build and enhance the social skills from our 5 values. We feel it is important to develop confidence and for everyone to feel proud of each and every achievement to reflect back on their progress positively. We encourage independence and building resilience throughout all of our electives whether thats learning a new skill such as playing a new musical instrument or beating a top score in our big group games! All children and young people will benefit from learning new skills, developing resilience and becoming part of a creative community, all while having the best summer creative arts camp experience. 

#7. YACAD Family lifestyle

YACAD is built on strong foundations of family, mutual respect, kindness, empathy, bringing people together, friendship and community with the intention of building lasting and meaningful memories to last a lifetime. We understand the importance of positive emotional connections and developing trust and honesty within children and young people. We actively encourage mutual respect and social interaction so whether your child is needing a big high five in the morning, or the warmest of hugs a member of the team will be there to welcome them with a smile.

#8. Keeping your child safe

Our staff undergo a two week-long, intensive staff training programme before our creative arts camp start. We know the importance of an exceptional staff member and dedicate the time to ensure all of our staff are trained in all aspects of of our summer creative arts camp, focusing on: Healthy & safety, Emergency procedures, Individual & group development,​ Facilitating Friendships, Safeguarding, Behaviour management and Teaching techniques.

#9. Staff

We have a dedicated team of talented and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards for each and every child. We strongly believe that exceptional staff are essential to delivering the best ever summer experience for your child. We put a lot of effort into recruiting the very best people. We then invest heavily in their continuing professional training and development.

#10. Affordability

At YACAD we believe that every child has the right to access creative provisions within their own community, therefore we make sure that all of our summer programmes are affordable and cost effective. We work with local schools within the Bradford East region to identify those on low income and families who need additional support to access our creative arts camps for free or at a reduced rate. 

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