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Creative Arts Summer Camp Elective

Film Making

Our movie making elective allow children and young people to think creatively and work outside of the box as they learn to capture the perfect moment, story board and produce their very own work.


Outdoor Adventure

Our outdoor adventure elective allows your child to build skills in survival and understanding the outdoors, withint the elective children and young people will have the opportunity to learn about shelter building, orientation, and outdoor cooking. 


Arts and Crafts

Our Arts & Craft workshops will give children the chance to use a range of materials creatively to design and make a variety of purposeful products. The products produced may be from construction materials, textiles or ingredients for baking.

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Outdoor Creation 

Our Outdoor Creation Elective allows children and young people to be at one with nature. Learning all about the growth cycle as well as planting trees and flowers for the future. Within the elective we work with other organisations to create beautiful flower beds within the community.


Product Design

Our Product Design elective provides children and young people with the skills to imagine and create products such as bird boxes and miniature world toys. This elective will teach children and young people how to design and develop a product of their own imagination.


Creative Cooking

Creative Cooking allows children and young people to learn about basic cooking skills and kitchen of etiquette. Sessions aim to create a fun learning environment, while maintaining the importance of health & safety, hygiene & cleanliness, when using kitchen utensils, appliances and equipment.



Our Dance elective Will expose children and young people to a variety of different dance styles including; Street, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, Contemporary and Creative Choreography.

Ripple Effect

Applied Art

Our Applied Art elective will inspire children, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. They will be able to produce creative work and explore their ideas through drawing, painting and other art specific techniques.



New for 2022, our circus elective will teach young people all about entertainment, skills and tricks. Children will learn new skills in poi, juggling, balloon modelling, diabolo, spinning plates, and much more. 


Performing Arts

The class allows participants to develop creativity, imagination, public speaking, self-confidence and self-esteem through various workshops in acting, singing and dance.



The Textiles elective will give children and young people the opportunity to work with and learn about different types of fabrics and materials. Our home town of Bradford boasts a rich history of the Textiles Industry and will teach children and young people the importance of Textiles in everyday life.

Sewing Machine


Our sports elective gives children and young people the opportunity to develop inter personal skills and sportsmanship. The elective offers opportunities to improve techinque, fitness and co-ordination as well as working within a team and improving communication skills. 

Children Playing

Creative Superstar

This elective gives children and young people the chance to use their own imaginations to create something amazing that will inspire within them a sense of achievement and pride. All children and young people will be able to build, make or create something from scratch which they can take away at the end of their elective.



YACAD’s Mindfulness elective is new to 2022 and will expose children and young people to the importance of their own, and others individual mental health and wellbeing through a variety of calming activities.


Creative Science

Creative Sciences provides an exciting and fascinating experience of the “whats” and “whys” of everyday life, which inspires the curiosity of children and young people and encourages their creative and logical young minds.

Science Class


Our music elective provides children and young people with the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument, improve vocal skills and be exposed to the techniques of reading a musical language.


Creative Arts Summer Camp Big Group Games

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